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What do I need to know before purchasing syringes & needles online?

Syringe and needle technology has become more thoughtfully designed. When shopping for these products online it’s important to apply the same thoughtfulness when choosing which products are best for you. 

Key considerations before purchasing syringes and needles online

  • Take time to understand the different components and types of syringes and needles and their respective applications
  • Syringe size- What volume of medication needs to be administered? 
  • Needle Gauge - What is the viscosity of the medication? 
  • Needle hub type which determines the syringe hub (Slip Tip, Luer Lock, Eccentric Tip or Catheter Tip) 
  • Injection location - this will determine the needle gauge and needle length required 

How Medneedle makes purchasing syringes and needles online hassle free

Powerful filtering allows you to narrow down your search, giving you the best options for your particular need. We have taken the time to meticulously sort through our products and filter them for better product discoverability. With ease, you can search by needle type, syringe size, and other customized options to find the perfect product for you. 

Each product page had a “frequently bought with” section highlighting compatible and related products optimizing your search. We have taken the liberty of doing the leg work for you by curating products that partner perfectly and that are cost effective. 

Understanding the components of syringes and needles

Knowing the engineering of syringes and needles will help you buy confidently online. 

A syringe is composed of three parts, the plunger, barrel, and tip. Keeping the needle tip immersed in the solution, you pull the plunger outwards thus filling the barrel with medication. 

A needle also consists of three parts, the hub, the shaft and the bevel. The hub fits onto the syringe tip, the shaft connects the needle to the hub and lastly the bevel (or slanted tip) creates a narrow slit when injected into body tissue. 

Syringe and needle size selection 

Syringes come in four main different tip types, each with its own job specialization.

Slip tip provides a friction-fit connection. For this tip type, the user has to push the needle hub onto the syringe. There is no locking function. This tip type can also be referred to as the Luer slip syringe and is commonly used for diabtetic uses, post-operative conditions, vitamin deficiencies and intramuscular medication.

Luer lock tip has a threaded tip to ensure the needle can be twisted and locked into place. A secure connection prevents accidental removal of the needle and injection of the medicine. This syringe type offers clear visual and audible confirmation of the locked position.

Eccentric tip are commonly used while administering medication parallel to the skin of a patient. Their main use is for aspiration of fluids. 

Catheter tip come with a tapered tip which forms a tight seal. These syringes are used for cleaning catheters, gastrostomy tubes, as well as other devices and used for wound irrigation.

Because syringes and needles work in partnership, it is essential to understand needle selection when purchasing online. The main factors to consider are the weight of the patient, the type of tissue and the medication to be injected. Shorter needles are used for subcutaneous injections, while longer ones are used for intramuscular injections. 

Understanding the structure and application of various syringes and needles will help you approach purchasing syringes and needles online with confidence and ease. 

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