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Illustration of syringes with the text "LDS Syringes increase the number of doses from each vial""

SOL - Millennium® Ultra Low Dead Space Syringes

Sol-Millennium is an innovative medical supply company and one of the world's largest manufacturers of syringes and needles. 

Sol Millennium’s low dead space syringes increase the number of doses that can be drawn from a multi-dose vial. This capability adds value by allowing for greater distribution of a medicine or vaccine, and increasing the number of doses that could be delivered from a limited number of vials. 

Sol- Millennium’s innovative syringe technology

  • Saves on medication expenses
  • Cuts down on medication wasted 
  • Reduces needlestick injuries 
  • Provides an enhanced experience for clinicians and patients 

Sol-Millennium’s Low Dead Space products work by minimizing the dead space within a syringe. This reduces the amount of medication wasted and leaves more medication in every vial to be used for patients. In some instances, this dead space amounts to a 20% savings in medication. 

Low dead space products are great for 

  • Vaccinations 
  • Fillers
  • Botox
  • High-end pharmaceutical drugs 

SOL-CARE™ Safety Needle with Syringe Combination

WIth Sol-Millennium's uniquely engineered dead space solution and exchangeable needles, you can now exchange needles and utilize the Double Needle Technique while benefiting from Low Dead Space. 

The safety needle has a protective shield that swings over the needle to cover and prevent needle stick injuries. It can be attached to the SOL-M 3-Piece syringe with low-dead space features, including:

  • Shield pivots over the needle to cover after use, preventing needlestick injuries
  • Low dead space 
  • 0.01 mL graduation 
  • Safety needle with syringe saves an average dead space of <0.016 mL 

SOL-CARE™ Safety Syringe with Fixed Needle

This safety syringe retracts the needle into the barrel of the syringe after medication delivery. This helps prevent needlestick inquiries. The benefits of the Safety Syringe with Fixed Needle include:

  • An average dead space of 0.001 mL 
  • Ultra-low dead space 
  • No exposed needle 

SOL-M™ Syringe with Fixed Needle

The benefits of this standard syringe and needle combination technology include: 

  • An average dead space of 0.006 mL 
  • Ultra-low dead space 
  • 0.01 mL graduation 

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